9 Facts About Disney World Florida You Won't Believe

Disney World Florida is a beloved epicentre of childhood fantasy, with beautiful theme parks and fascinating intricacies. Through different events, sounds, smells and a magical atmosphere, Disney has created a charming experience unlike any other. After several visits to the theme park, many people think they have exhausted the mystery of Disney World. However, the magical kingdom has more than meets the eye. Here are nine fascinating facts about Disney world that will surprise you:

1. Disney Has Underground Tunnels

Disney World has a myriad of activities and movie production work taking place behind the scenes. However, if the crewmembers walk above ground, they will distract the visitors and ruin the chance of experiencing the magical place. Luckily, the theme parks are built above ground but have secret underground tunnels. The unique underground network allows crewmembers and workers to access different areas of the park without breaking the Disney Magic.

2. Hidden Messages

If you love seeking out hidden messages and logos, Disney World has plenty around the parks and restaurants. Some of the hidden messages include references to the Twilight Zone found at the 'Tower of Terror'. References to Mickey, Star Wars and Donald, are found in the Indiana Jones section. If you look closely around the resort, you can spot numerous Mickey Mouse logos. They are hidden in paintings, ornaments, railings and the walls of the restaurants.

3. Disney Has Optical Illusions

The Sleeping Beauty castle is an image of sheer magnificence as it soars towards the sky. While the castle appears to stretch towards the clouds, it is 189 feet tall, but it employs optical illusion to make it seem like it stretches towards the heavens. For the castle to appear taller, the bricks are painted smaller near the top. While the castle often looks like it is about to topple over, the walls are fibreglass, which is resilient compared to stone blocks and can withstand the rough Florida weather.

4. Chewing Is Banned

Disney World has a strict policy against selling chewing gum around the parks. Therefore, if you love chewing gum, wait until you leave the magical kingdom. While you can bring your gum, it is not advisable to chew gum in the parks. Banning chewing gum ensures the sidewalks, rides and benches are gunk-free.

5. Artificial Scents

Smell enhances the magical experience and atmosphere of Disney World. Therefore, the park has machines with aroma diffusing technology that pump scents through the vents into the air. The scents are effective in triggering feelings and memories for visitors, with different sections producing unique smells. The aromas are unique to the location of the attractions. For instance, The Pirates of the Caribbean have gunpowder and musky ocean waters while the scent of baked goods and vanilla waft in the air on the Magic Kingdom's Main Street.

6. Secret Entrances

Most theme park areas are closer than you think, but visitors cover a considerable distance since the sections are secluded. Fortunately, Disney World has numerous hidden entrances that reduce the distance between various theme parks. For instance, you can cover half the distance using the secret rear entrance to move between Hollywood Studios and Epcot.

7. Cinderella Castle Isn't so Grand

Cinderella Castle is the most iconic amusement park in Disney World that attracts crowds. However, the building is practically empty. Apart from the restaurant and gift shop, the Cinderella Castle only has an apartment designed for Walt Disney, who died before completion. The apartment is now a hotel room that is impossible to stay the night in unless you win a competition.

8. The Haunted Mansion Is Filled With Secrets

The Haunted Mansion is full of surprises that can be a spooky sight. Apart from bizarre occurrences, many people spread remains of their loved ones inside the haunted mansion with permission from the parks.

9. Disney Uses Clever Designs to Minimise Distractions

Disney World ensures you have an immersive experience by eliminating distractions when visitors are exploring an amusement park. For instance, when exploring Liberty Square, you cannot see the Fantasyland since the trees and buildings shield it. The Magic Kingdom also uses unique noises to draw your attention to the attractions available in the park. For example, the water wheel produces special distractions that prevent you from looking elsewhere.